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Ark Animal Hospital Ark Animal Hospital

Chalfont: (215) 822‑3636

Address: 1700 Horizon Drive, Suite 215, Chalfont, PA 18914

Ark Animal Hospital Dental Care

A vet tech with one of our happy canine patients

Just like their owners, our pets need regular dental checkups to maintain good oral health. At Ark Animal Hospital, we recommend a dental visit at least once a year to keep your pet’s teeth and gums clean and healthy. Poor oral hygiene can lead to more than just bad breath. Many dogs and cats suffer from tooth loss and periodontal disease, which can result in expensive oral surgery to correct ongoing problems.

Our pets are experts at hiding pain, so it’s important to schedule routing dental exams to diagnose and treat any potential signs of gum disease. Periodontal disease is irreversible and can destroy teeth, gum tissues, and bone structures if left untreated. Prevention is the best cure for your pet’s oral health. Daily brushing and regular evaluations from a veterinarian are a great way to keep your pet’s teeth in tip-top shape.

At Ark Animal Hospital, our friendly doctors perform a detailed oral exam under anesthesia to examine your pet’s teeth, gums, and oral cavity. We use digital dental x-rays to check for inflammation or infection under the gum line, and thoroughly brush and clean each tooth to remove plaque and tartar buildup. Depending on your pet’s oral health exam, our team may recommend oral surgery to extract problem teeth or remove oral tumors.

If you notice any of the following in your pet, please bring them in for a dental exam:

  • Changes in eating or chewing habits
  • Bad breath
  • Red, swollen, or bleeding gums
  • Excessive drooling
  • Discolored, loose, or broken teeth

To learn more about Ark Animal Hospital dentistry care, please contact us today.

The Latest News from Ark

We are now offering teleconsult appointments!

At Ark Animal Hospital we are now offering teleconsult appointments* for many of our services. *Requirement: In order to participate in teleconsult appointments your pet must have been seen by one of our veterinarians within the last year. 

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