patterdale senior dog looking up into the camera.

Is there anything better than a senior dog? When you think about all the love that senior dogs have left to give, it’s nothing short of inspiring. Adopting a senior dog is one of life’s greatest experiences, and we’re happy to tell you all about it. 

They Know Who They Are

An incredible advantage of getting to know a senior dog is that, being fully grown and developed, there aren’t many wild cards. There’s not a lot of guessing that goes into understanding them. They are who they are, after all. Their personality has been established and cultivated over their lifetime, and they generally know exactly how to behave in certain environments around others. 

This doesn’t mean that they can’t learn new things, however. On the contrary, senior dogs have a great capacity for learning new skills and tricks. With their years of experience, they pick up new things relatively quickly, like where the potty spot is and when dinner is served. 

Ready Freddy

Senior dogs have spent their lives learning how to respond to certain human behaviors and emotions. As such, they intuit how to react in kind. Senior dogs are such gentle companions, and give so much without demanding anything in return. Their ability to make people feel safe, seen, and valued is simply unparalleled. Also, did you know that a lot of senior dogs simply love to cuddle (and be cuddled)? 

Preventive Care 

Senior dogs already have most, if not all, of their health needs established. For instance, a younger dog will need to have more vet visits in quicker succession until they are fully vaccinated, current on parasite prevention, microchipped, and spayed/neutered. Plus, socialization or behavioral training is an extra investment.

Senior dogs already have all of their vaccinations, and all the other necessary components of wellness care (and typically come with a detailed medical history from the previous owner/vet). While they may have age-specific health needs, including arthritis, hip dysplasia, or dental disease, our goal is to help you get in front of these and other age-related diseases. Together, we can fortify a senior dog’s health so they enjoy as many years with you as possible. 

They Save Us

When we say that we rescue pets, it’s probably more accurate to say that they are the ones doing the saving. Of course, you’re responsible for adopting them from the shelter and an uncertain future. But with all their love, devotion, companionship, and steady presence, they are most certainly the most generous.

They’re the Best!

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